“Weight Loss using Hypnosis CDs”

“Wondering How Hypnosis CD’s Help You End Weight

Gain and Lose Weight Permanently?”

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Intrigued? Which of these sounds familiar…

  • “I’m tired of not fitting into my clothes…”
  • “I feel out of control…”
  • “I’ve tried every diet under the sun…”
  • “I do well for awhile, then everything goes to hell…”
  • “I seem to sabotage myself…”
  • “I lose weight, but then gain weight right back”.

Each CD contains three processes:

  1. Awake session – Listen as you awaken each day
  2. Day session – Listen anytime during the day
  3. Sleep session – Listen as you fall asleep at night

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Which of the three Hypnosis Programs for Weight Loss best fits your needs?

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Silver Weight Loss Program – 6 Sessions on 3 CDs

This is our basic program for those needing to lose that last 10 pounds with no significant inner conflict or self sabotage. It is comprised of 6 Hypnosis Weight Loss Sessions plus bonus material designed to help you regain your healthy weight.


$67 for the complete program (a value of $132)

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The Silver Weight Loss Program also includes:

1. “Introduction” CD

2. “Watch First” DVD

3. 30 day free access to the Weight Loss Members’ Site

Gold Weight Loss Program – 10 Sessions on 5 CDs

Our Exclusive Program for those needing to lose up to 50 pounds with some inner conflict and self sabotage. This program is comprised of 10 Hypnosis Weight Loss Sessions and bonus material. It also includes one CD from our special Hypnotherapy process “Release Your Inner Power”.


$97 for the complete program(a value of $264)

Now just $67

Limited Quantities, So Act Now!

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The Gold Weight Loss Program also includes:

1. “Motivational Program” ($44 value)

2. “Introduction” CD

3. “Watch First” DVD

4. 30 day free access to the Weight Loss Members’ Site

Platinum Weight Loss Program – 14 Sessions on 7 CDs

Our Premier Program for those needing to lose over 50 pounds or who have significant inner conflict and self sabotage. It is comprised of 14 Hypnosis Weight Loss Sessions including various bonus CDs designed to help you end weight gain and lose weight . It also includes three CDs from our special hypnotic process “Release Your Inner Power”.


$117 for the complete program (a value of $396)

Now just $97

Limited Quantities, So Act Now!

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The Platinum Weight Loss Program also includes:

1. “Motivational Program” CD ($44 value)

2. “Connect with Your Inner Parts CD ($44 value)

3. “Introduction” CD

4. “Watch First” DVD

5. 30 day free access to the Weight Loss Members’ Site


We are so convinced that our programs will help you lose weight and create permanent weight loss that our Hypnosis CD Programs come with our 90 Day Money Back Absolute Satisfaction Policy. Why 90 days? We want you to listen to the programs, not just purchase them. We are committed to you resolving this issue. With a 90 day offer we hope to encourage you to begin right away. We want you to be successful and listening is the only way to make this happen. So use them and begin to lose weight!

You also receive one month access (no charge) to our Online Members’ Weight Loss Website which gives you….

  • New Hypnosis Weight Loss Audio Program for download every month
  • New Positive Thought Hypnotherapy Video every month
  • New videos and articles on Nutrition, Exercise and Hypnosis
  • Weight Loss Calculators so you can track your progress
  • New Inspirational and Entertaining Videos every month

The Members’ Weight Loss Website also includes a plan that helps you to:

    Remind yourself daily of your goals to lose weight
    Overcome your critical inner voice and end weight gain
    Create your distractions for success using your own hypnotic process
    Record your daily efforts to successfully achieve weight loss

Take the first step toward changing your life. Try the Member Site for one month at no cost for the entire month… on us. We are so sure that you will love the support that the Hypnosis Audio Programs, videos and articles give you that you will look forward to new material every month. More good news…the monthly investment after your first month is just $9 a month! That small investment of less than a can of soda a day can make a huge difference in your life. Use this Ongoing monthly support so necessary to keep you on track and focused on your weight loss goals.

With over fifteen years of hypnosis experience, we realize that permanent weight loss occurs when your subconscious mind has been retrained to agree with your conscious desire to be healthy.

Many hypnosis programs only offer you positive suggestions for weight loss, but our program is more advanced and complete because it focuses upon:
1. Training your mind to think positively
2. Resolving your inner conflict
3. Connecting with your inner parts
4. Focusing on releasing old behaviors
5. Embracing a positive future
6. Allowing you free 30 day access to our Member’s Site

As an additional bonus, you will also receive a specific plan to achieve your weight loss goals that includes:

1. How to keep yourself motivated and on track
2. How to overcome your critical inner voice

3. How to create positive distractions

4. How to record your daily efforts

And for those needing that extra boost we also offer our special “Eliminate Self Sabotage” process. Three CDs of the Platinum Program and one CD of the Gold Program specifically employ this process.

Using hypnosis to lose weight is like being given a Magic Wand.

Will you use it to lose weight and…

  • feel more sexually attractive?
  • increase your energy levels?
  • fit into more flattering clothes?
  • buy a new wardrobe?
  • come alive and get excited about life?
  • improve your confidence and self esteem?
  • achieve your healthy weight and look great?
  • dress more professionally?
  • enjoy hearing what others say about the new you?

…or will you just feel better about yourself?

Why not take the next step and order the Hypnosis Weight Loss Program that is best for you? Learn how hypnosis CDs create new, positive habits and behaviors in your subconscious mind.

Ask yourself these three important questions:

How motivated are you to lose that extra weight?

What’s keeping you from achieving this goal?

How will your life change when you lose the weight and achieve this dream?

In addition to our 90 Day Satisfaction Policy, when you follow the Program and Listen to the Hypnosis CDs…

  • You Will Benefit from Hypnosis.

  • You Will Become more Positive.
  • You Will Learn to Control of Your Eating Habits.

Choose the Weight Loss Program that’s right for you. Click once on the photo of the Program below and get started now.


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